About Us

An innovative app that helps you to buy auto parts & re-quest Car towing service.

01What is Tieformer?

  1. Prime was wise about many things, but few as serious as this. His quote about history is a direct reference to the dangers of forgetting it. In time, a refusal to examine historical events inevitably leads to a repeat of disastrous events.


And we learned from our past, and hereby we are presenting the future of how to order car parts or save you if your car stopped in the middle of nowhere, all you need is to download the app.

02Request Car Recovery

Your car broke in the middle of the street, and you need assistance?

We are the one-stop solution for all types of vehicles towing and recovery needs. with our partners, we guarantee to help you in the fastest time with a live track to see where your recovery is located.


03Buy Spare Parts

‘Tieformer’ offers a massive choice of car parts for every make & model at the best prices with safe delivery. Our car spare range is the biggest compared to any of the independent motor factors in the middle east. So for great prices and top offers look no further. Browse now by car manufacturer and model to find the right parts for your car!